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Posted on August 18, 2007

Architectural acoustics

Acoustics of video-conference, meeting rooms, performing arts spaces and studios, noise isolation and speech security, acoustic site evaluation, public address and warning systems, heritage building conversions

Machinery noise and vibration

Specification, design, and measurement of machinery noise and vibration isolation systems, including acoustic enclosures. Trouble-shooting

Workplace and office privacy

Office privacy and speech security, open office acoustics and sound masking systems

Workplace noise

Evaluation and audit of noise exposure against the requirements of Federal and Provincial labour regulations

Community Noise

Residential noise, prediction of noise impact for new land use

Environmental vibration

Traffic, machinery and building vibration evaluation for human occupation and sensitive equipment Integral DX Engineering Ltd. is an independent, Canadian owned company dedicated to the enhancement of working and living environments.


We provide design services, project management, site inspections and testing, troubleshooting, quality assurance and documentation.


We do not manufacture or distribute equipment related to our areas of interest, nor are we affiliated with any organization working in the field. This means that our investigations and recommendations can be completely objective.


The strength of Integral DX is in its amalgamation of specialist engineering disciplines, and the depth of experience of its professional associates. Our team members have proved themselves in public and private sector projects and operations. All engineering and scientific team members practice under appropriate Provincial licenses. Our multidisciplinary approach takes all aspects of the situation into account we are sensitive to the impact of our recommendations on the total environment.

We can …

We can make simple measurements for you to verify conformance to a local code, or we can undertake the management of a large and complex project.

We can produce reports, advise on proposals, design your sound system installation, help with your vibration problems and do your troubleshooting.

We can make presentations, produce your manuals and procedure documents, provide training for your personnel and look after technology transfer.

We provide you with knowledgeable and qualified support on acoustical, noise and vibration issues. We help you to identify priorities, to set realistic performance criteria, develop budgetary targets, and we then inspect during construction and commission upon completion.

We know the codes …

ANSI, ASHRAE, ASTM, BSI, CSA, DND, IEEE, ISO, MIL, National and Provincial Building Codes, municipal bylaws, Federal and Provincial labour regulations, “best commercial practice”. We identify the appropriate criteria and apply them in our specifications, designs, measurements, evaluation and project management so that you know where you stand.

We have the equipment …

We use internationally recognized equipment for all our measurements. Each item is calibrated regularly and its accuracy can be traced to national and international standards.

We are up-to-date …

We make sure that we keep up-to-date with all developments touching our sphere of operations. Membership and ongoing participation in key professional organizations helps us to meet part of that commitment. Support of our local universities’ engineering programs is another.

Our Achievements

Posted on August 18, 2007

Significant projects in acoustics, noise and vibration successfully undertaken by Integral DX Engineering:

  • >>$100M in condominiums in the Ottawa area
  • Heritage building renovations and conversions for condominium and commercial use
  • Video-conference facilities for various Federal Government clients
  • Speech security, including participation in the development of a Guideline for PWGSC
  • Research and development projects for high-tech and other industries
  • Diesel generator installations in urban areas, up to 4MW
  • Land Use Planning for noise
  • Expert witness services for community noise hearings

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Posted on August 18, 2007

For information contact:

Gregory E. Clunis, P.Eng., ing., President

(613) 761-1565

greg AT integraldxengineering.ca